How To Give

The donor will have control of their donation and receive a tax-exemption letter after each transaction. A third party will handle your donation transaction. In addition, fees do apply and will be deducted from the donation amount. All donations are tax-deductible. If you have any questions, you may click here to contact us. Thank you for partnering with your community!

Browse hardships and select the family of your choosing. Alternatively, enter the identification number of the person you would like to help in the search bar to go directly to the account.

Once your selection has been made, you will enter your method of payment and the amount. (All payments are processed through Stripe, a third party.) There is a 10% fee for each transaction that will be deducted from the donated amount.

When finished, you will receive confirmation. You will receive a tax-exempt letter to the email address that you listed with your payment transaction. We suggest that you (the donor) consult with your tax preparer for any tax questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Utility Assist facilitates utility payments between donors and recipients in order to help stabilize communities.

As an example, if a donor chooses to donate $100 towards an account, the consumer would receive $90 donation toward their utility account. Three percent (3%) goes towards a transaction fee and seven percent (7%) goes towards the cost of maintaining this website. All fees are subject to change according to the financial institution conducting the payment transaction.

In the event the account the donor selects has been paid in full or has been removed from the site, the donor will receive an email from a Utility Assist representative for further instructions with processing their payment. The donor will ALWAYS be in control of their funds.

Once your application has been received the process may take 3-5 business days to verify your accounts for assistance.

It does not cost to use this website. However, there is a transaction cost of 7% that will be deducted from your donation.

Yes. You may register for assistance more than once as long as there is an outstanding balance with a utility company. However, priority will be given to the family that is a first time user of this website.

Yes. We will email you a tax deductible letter with the total amount you have donated.

Once your hardship has been made public it is up to you to ask friends and family to donate towards your utilities using your assigned ID number. Your donations will come as you solicit for help with your utilities.

No. The funds will never go to the recipient. The funds will only go to the selected utility companies you submitted in your registration application.

As a donor or recipient, you may reach us by clicking on the “contact us” tab on the website.

Yes. All information submitted will not be disclosed to any outside companies or vendors.

To collect donations you may want to ask friends, family, neighbors, etc., to help you with your utility bills by directing them to our website – You should give them your ID# that was given to you in an email we sent to you saying you were approved. This will make it easier and faster. Utility Assist does not solicit for donations.

The donor will browse the hardships, click the ID # on the hardship listings, or enter the ID # on the donation page. The donor will enter the amount they wish to donate. Then, enter their credit card information and click submit. Once the payment has been submitted, the donor will receive a notification that the payment is being processed. When the process is final, the donor will receive an email with a tax-exempt letter and a “thank you” for their support.

Yes. If you would like a summary of your donations, you may go to the contact us page and send us an email.