For the donors – Families would be happy to know that people care about their well-being throughout the year. So, your donation will tremendously impact families that need assistance. For your assurance, we have verified all accounts and balances at the time of registration so that you can have peace of mind while making your family selection. Listed below are samples of hardship requests.

For the recipients – You may have one bill or several. Every submitted hardship application will be given an ID number. For additional questions, you may contact us.

Not sure how to give? Learn more about how to donate to the hardships below. All donations are appreciated.

ID NumberUtility CompanyAmount DueBrief Summary
20240618031American Water
$430.77I am needing help because my income has decreased drastically and my husband lost his job please help.
20240617030Spire$9697.61I was in a domestic violence situation where I was abused and my money was being taken. So I couldn’t pay my bills. I am also a single mother of three children ages 9,5,3. Two of my children have autism. I am just trying to have a fresh start for my family.
20240528029Ameren$814.02I have a unique situation as it pertains to my electric bill. I moved to my new address. My Ameren Account is in disconnect status because of the bill at a previous location where I resided, which is why I am reaching out for assistance. I am at a level of desperation for two reasons. One, my daughter is extremely asthmatic, has severe year-round allergies, and needs constant cooling at a minimum temperature of 69 degrees, for the quality of her breathing. And secondly, because the bill is so large, due to Ameren running both accounts under my name. They stated that I did not specify that I wanted to “Stop Service” or “Transfer Service” from one address to another, so another additional address was added to my account. Now the bills are combined, and the disconnection is in place, and I couldn’t afford the minimum of what they were asking for the payment plan, due to having to pay my rent. The bill is so high, that there is no way I would be able to pay the past-due balance to get service restored, as it is more than my entire weekly check.
I applied for assistance at three other agencies, a few weeks ago to no avail, and if my landlord finds out that my electricity was disconnected, that is a lease violation, and I can be subject to eviction. It’s just been a downward spiral financially that began due to me needing emergency dental work done last month, and this month. My insurance only covered about a fourth of the surgeries and I was responsible for the majority of the $2,000.00 balance. The surgery was necessary because I was in chronic pain daily due to having rampant gum disease/gingivitis, a severe infection, two abscesses, and three teeth that were decayed to the nerve, which caused the raw nerve to be exposed, and put me in an indescribable amount of pain. The saying is true… most of us are just one paycheck/medical/dental emergency away from financial disaster. Thank You so much for your time,
20240522028American Water
$2,346.71American Water $334.90; Spire $1,432.14; MSD $579.67
I lost my job taking care of my grandmother who died i didn’t know if I would get the house or not the house was left to me and my two children I’ve been trying my best to stay on top of the bills and recently I fell behind and need some help.
20240517027Spire$594.85I am requesting help because I was unable to afford this bill because of lost wages
$1,079.25Hello I worked from home last year due to underlying health condition. I was laid off and I’m now working for my school under a federal work study program. I’m only making about $700 a month and can barely afford to pay my mortgage. I have had to sacrifice other bills to pay my mortgage. I need help to get ahead of my utilities so I can manage a low monthly payment. I have to pay off my current past due balances first. I’m currently in disconnection status with my electric bill and I have 2 boys.
City Water/Trash
$9,669.78MSD – $8,621.54; City Water/Trash – $1,048.24
My mom passed away three years ago with a past due balance and I have been having a hard time trying to pay bills . I am not working and have two kids while trying to keep the house up. My brothers is not helping and I just don’t want to be homeless with my children.
City Water/Trash
$1,354.18MSD – $830.72; City Water/Trash – $523.46
Because just start a new job and need to set up a payment plan asap
20240513023Spire$261.74I lost my job due to medical reason.
20240513022American Water$504.69I am in a process of moving into a new home and I need help with this outstanding bill because i need utilities turn on in my name.
20240512021Ameren$473.52I lost my job and have been homeless for 7months so i wasn’t able to pay anything. I have found a place now but I don’t make enough to pay the balance off I owe to start service at new location.
City Water/Trash
$607.47MSD – $205.53; Spire – $276.40; City Water/Trash $125.94
I was fired from my job, after 14 years of service, because I could no longer due CPR on the floor, due to my arthritic knees. Year 2021 Cars totaled while parked in front of my house. Years 2017, 2019 and 2022. I am currently without transportation. I rent from my son. I receive Soc. Sec. Your help is very much appreciated.
20240501019Spire$2,439.91I am presenting this hardship because I am in need of your help. I have been on my job for 1 year and is currently paying down a high rent balance that was in the rear of 7,000.00. I was facing possible eviction and was not able to pay all of my bills. I am currently working from home and I was only able to pay on my rent, light, and internet bill. Also, my daughter and I have went multiple days of not having anything in our refrigerator to eat. If someone can be so kindly to help assist on my gas bill that will be greatly appreciated. Be blessed and Thank you!
20240501018Ameren MO$283.76 I need assistance because my husband lost his job and I wasn’t getting the hours I needed to pay the bills. We also fell behind on rent and car payments.
20240426017Spire$1,875.22I have been homeless for the past year. People I trusted put me in this situation due to the own selfish needs. Learned I needed mental help cause I realized I was depressed. I decided to go for help with BJC mental health.. I have been with them now for almost 2 yrs. With some medicine I’m doing fine. Through BJC.. I got approved for housing, found a nice apartment, got approved for the apartment. But this outstanding Spire bill is holding me back. I have to b able to have all utilities in my name. I really could use the help. My move in date in date is 5/ 1/24. I have tried everything. Please help.
I’m currently in need of assistance due to the fact that in the beginning of the year I contracted covid-19 and was off work for two weeks. Also, I do home health and had to miss some work because my client was hospitalized a few times, and it has been hard for me to catch up ever since.
Unable to pay. Paid half but unable to pay the remainder. Got a disconnection notice. I’m an elderly woman on a fixed income.
20240417014City Water/Trash
City Real Estate Taxes
$3,964.43I do not work. I’m on a fixed income – disability and I been sick for the last couple years. I haven’t been able to pay my water bill due to having to pay other bills and have money to feed myself.
20240416013Ameren MO$258.56I have breast cancer and can not work.
20240416012Ameren MO$262.31I’m in need of help because I recently voluntarily quit my job at a daycare. I could not deal with the drug usage, child abuse, special needs children neglect, and last of all the sexual discrimination against me before and after the EEOC granted me a right to sue. I’m currently looking for work but after rotator cuff shoulder and another shoulder injury taking my family to Florida in 2023. It’s getting hard looking for my field of work.
City Water/Trash
$2,145.95I purchased my home on December 24, 2012, In January 2013, while in the process of moving from Southern Illinois to St Louis my home was vandalized. The thieves stole copper wire & plumbing, stole appliances (refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer and an 8000 watt generator) & central air unit, they damaged furnace and hot water heater beyond repair. As a result of these damages, the utility companies refused to connect my services until repairs or replacements of equipment were done. I contacted every agency, State of Missouri Offices and local City of St Louis government offices and a numerous community agencies in an attempt to get help but I was unsuccessful. From 2013 to 2021; as the results of this vandalism and theft; I went without running water, no natural gas for heating and cooking, no working plumbing and only had limited electric. Every agency I contacted I shared how I was dealing with my living situation and asked for help. I was denied on the bases that I did not have utility bills, no homeowner’s insurance and my property taxes were not paid in full (current). 1. I reported that I was going down the street to fill up 5 gallon buckets of water (caused spine injuries that required surgery); 2. I reported that I was using a 5 gallon bucket as a toilet; 3. I reported I used a smaller bucket to wash up and another 5 gallon bucket to do dishes; 4. I reported I only had one space heater which I used in one room in my home; 5. I reported I did not have a refrigerator so I could not purchase perishable items and only had a microwave to cook foods; 6. I reported I had to use numerous extension cords to use in the one room due to causing the breakers to flip (over load)
The first time, my youngest son came to visit in 2021. He could not believe how I was living. So in March of 2021, he started working on getting running water into the house; there were so many problems and he was working by himself and neither of us had any money to pay for parts and equipment necessary to do the work. My son had lost his job due to COVID-19 and my only source of income was my social security check of $1021.00 I received monthly. As we were able to come up with a few dollars at a time, it went towards paying for parts that were needed. “It amount to pay as we went” project; so it took almost the whole year to get running water into the house. (I have a working toilet and bathroom sink but I still haven’t been able to get a shower or bathtub installed. Due to this I still have not been able to actually bathe.) Also, during this time period my son found out that the sewer lines in the house and outside were not allowing the waste water to flow to the city sewer lines. The old sewer line throughout the house were cast iron and had numerous cracks causing sewer to drain in various areas inside. Once he made those repairs; he found that the old clay sewer lines in the backyard were broken. Again saving up money; we had to rent digging equipment and purchase new sewer line. That expense cost us almost $2,500. Throughout this whole time, I was in contact with the St Louis Water District and St Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) letting them know that I really did not have service yet they kept charging me. Any money I had went to all the repairs instead of the bogus bills for services not received. I have attempted to settle what the real bills should have been but no one has been willing to work with me. MSD’s amount had gotten so out of control I just gave up when they put a lien on my home. This was so unjust. If I had the money to bring this balance to $0 and get the lien taken off my home I would. I am 71 years old and I do not see that I will ever have the funds to accomplish this task and I still have not found any agency that can help negotiate a working settlement on what is owed. Any help will be very much appreciated.
City Water/Trash
$1,638.55I am writing to you in a state of urgent need. I have been severely impacted by COVID-19, which has exacerbated my existing challenges as a person with an intellectual disability, a condition documented and recognized by the state. Prior to contracting COVID-19, I was enrolled in a program with the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals with special needs. My disability counselor was assisting me in job hunting. However, due to the severity of my illness, I had to discontinue the program. This has left me without a job and a stable source of income. The program was also helping me apply for food stamps, as I often struggle to secure enough food for myself. Since falling ill, I’ve fallen behind on my bills. To add to my troubles, my government-issued phone was stolen, making it even more difficult for me to reapply for the disability program. I am currently on a waiting list to receive disability benefits, but the process has been lengthy and I am still waiting. My gas has been shut off, leaving me without heat. I’ve been living in cold conditions since last year. Due to my disability, I am unable to drive. This makes accessing food pantries a challenge, as I have to either walk or use public transportation. With limited funds, I am struggling to pay my bills and feed myself.
I have reached out to numerous organizations for assistance but have had little success. The accumulating bills are a constant source of worry. I have also sought help from my family, but they have dismissed my concerns, despite being aware of my disability.
I feel overwhelmed by my circumstances and sincerely hope that you can help me.
20240307009Spire$356.85At the present time, I’m homeless sleeping on a friends couch and in order for me to get my own apartment I have to have this delinquent bill paid. I no longer live at the address given… I sorta had a mental collapse and couldn’t pay my bill.
20240307008American Water$356.85I am currently unemployed (I start a new job in 2 weeks) and I am not able to pay my water bill, and I just received a discontinuance notice.
20240215007Spire$276.51I need help because I have been sick due to pregnancy and hasn’t been able to work as usual. I also have fallen behind on all bills, however, if you all pay this one, it will free me up some money for the others.
$309.68Ameren – 166; Spire $143.68
I am not working and not able to pay.
20240206005Ameren$97.06I’m a single mother unemployed and not able to pay my electric bill. I have no help. You guys are my last option and would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
20240115003Ameren$413.51I was diagnose with prostrate cancer 6 months ago and having problems with paying my utility bills. I am doing my session with prostate cancer. I could only work part-time because of the radiation treatment which I had 8 weeks and finished. I am now doing my hormone therapy treatment now that make me sick, hot flashes, stomach problems, but I am still here on earth, but I need some extra help until I get on my feet. The co-payment for treatment I so high so I am working on this also so this would really help me get ahead with your help. THANK YOU.
20240109002Ameren$209.55I don’t have any income coming in. I am not able to find a job as of yet and I don’t have anyone to loan me any money to pay any of my utility.
$430.67Ameren-$305.24; Sprie $125.43
I need help at this moment. I have been out of a job. I had car mechanical problems. I’m a single mother of a boy I don’t receive no child support accept at the moment I get some help from family member for a life expenses. I been out of work little over two months now. If you can please help me out this is my first time ever receiving any help. My child and I do receive Food stamps.
$433.57Ameren $195.96; Spire $237.61
I am needing help with paying bills.
20231227032Ameren$142.86I need help with my utility bill because I been unemployed since October 30, 2023. My job fired me because of having asthma. I have severe asthma and been having issues with my asthma since September 2023 with back to back asthma attacks everyday. I need my electricity to be on so I can take treatments for my asthma I’m unable to breathe and need to take treatments.
$249.02Ameren $53.31; Spire $195.71
I only have one income which is SSI. It’s hard trying to pay the bills. I have no vehicle to get back and forth from a job to help myself pay on these higher bills. I’m trying to make ends meet so that all my bills can get paid on the correct due dates. Thanks so much for the effort and the help to pay on these high bills.
20231214030Ameren$409.43I requested assistance months ago through heat up St. Louis due to a large energy bill. They made a pledge to cover the bill. I was informed this month that the actual check just came through which canceled my budget billing due to the pledge not taking care of the balance for 60 days. I lost budget billing so now I have to pay my full balance before I can go back to a decent amount bill. I cannot afford $400 by December 26th. My rent increased by $200 and I now have a car pymt that I use to never have. I have no wiggle room. Can someone please help me?
20231206029Ameren$250.21Grand Rising. I am In need of assistance because I am currently unemployed and also seeking for employment. I have got approved for a 2 bedroom apartment for my 4 year old daughter and I to move into. I have to have the bills paid off in order to move into the apartments. I would really love the help so I can have a roof over me and my daughter’s head again. I’m currently staying with my mother and sleeping on the couch. It is getting very uncomfortable. My daughter and I will truly be blessed to be in our own again nice warm and comfortable for Christmas. Thank you for hearing me out.
20231206028Spire$227.24I need help because I’m moving into a new apartment and need the gas on in order to get in.
$508.00Ameren $146.66; Spire 361.44
I need help to get my gas reconnect because I stay in the Peabody’s and they are getting ready to transfer me to a new apartment. We have to have our utilities on so they can transfer us. They are getting ready to tear my lane down so they can rebuild them next month. And, I have to find a way to start paying back rent also.
20231203026St. Louis County Real Estate Taxes$6,109.38I loss of wages from work. Behind on other bills. Financial crunch. Please help.
20231201025Ameren$268.72I lost my job on 9/8/23 and was severely put behind on my bills as I had to wait 8 weeks for unemployment to finally come. I received Liheap help for my ameren bill but once that was paid, I had another bill due in November plus now December , then my budget billing went up, and Christmas is just around the corner and I have to small children . I started a new job 11/20, so I am grateful to get back on my feet, but it has been extremely tough with the outstanding bills I have when I was let go randomly . I am needing assistance to try to get things back in order. Please help.
20231121024Ameren$128.87I have a disconnection notice for 11/14 for $357.00 for electric. I’m trying to get back on track.
20231114023Ameren$292.66My wages and my hours were reduced at my primary work and I just got hired at part-time at another job. It doesn’t start until after disconnection date. I am hoping to get any assistance.
20231030022Ameren$476.14I need help because I got behind on rent and bills because of covid.
$561.18Ameren $436.58; Spire $124.60
I had major knee surgery and I can’t work. I have an emergency with my electric which will be shut off if I do not make a payment by October 26, 2023. Please help.
American Water
$547.09Ameren $304.09; Spire $140.90; Am. Water $102.10
Hello we had to involuntarily move within 25 days. It left us homeless for 4 months. We had to move out, put everything in storage and then find a new place. It put all of our bills behind.
20231023019Ameren$556.26I get a disability benefits and I’m falling behind. I’ll pay large amounts on one bill and then I’ll get behind on the other.
Please help me pay my gas and electric bills.
20231011017Spire$1,389.52I am a single parent household and I have been unable to keep up with bills due to unexpected illness and car troubles. I was able to supplement income by using my car to work for delivery services but without my vehicle I have lost a lot of income. I have been trying to pay what I can and have been unable to get help anywhere and facing disconnection with cold weather on the way. My rent was increased 300 a month and I am barely able to keep up.
20231005016Spire$600.91I got behind on the bill because I was a mo th late and the rising cost of other bills and expenses I couldn’t get caught up. My husband is disabled and often very sick.
20231003015Spire$2,114.71I am disabled and I really need some help.
20230926014Spire$1003.00I am in need of help with my gas bill. Please help.
20230921013Ameren$821.88I am a single mother of 5 and my disabled mother now lives with me . I’m at risk of loosing my home. I work from home so if my lights are shut off I will not be able to pay my rent and my family will be homeless. I currently only make 16.50 an hour and recently just started back working. I’ve been working temp jobs since Covid because I’ve lost so many during Covid. I am the only income in my home as I am awaiting my mother’s disability to be approved and even then I believe every dime should be hers to do what she needs to for herself. If I’m able to get help with my utilities than that will be money that I can put towards my over due rent. Please help my family
20230919012Ameren$541.00My disconnection notice was today. I had been trying to get help all last week and weeks before. Now, on Monday, my services may be turned off. I have tried all my resources and some say they will help but today is Friday. I’m not sure if they will help by Monday and I have a child on a machine when needed.
20230731011Ameren$443.87I’m a single mom of 2 who was laid off of my manager position after 10 years. Position was eliminated. I’m facing eviction, and my electric getting turned off. Unemployment doesn’t even to begin to help with all these bills.
20230731010Spire$167.90I am experiencing a garnishment from the IRS.
2023062009Ameren$132.96I need help because I’m a disabled senior citizen living off of social security. They take out $300 monthly for child support. Please help me.
250.01On March 31, I have been on unpaid maternity leave. I was supposed to resume back to work on May 29. I was laid off while on FMLA on May 23. This has thrown my budget completely off. I am struggling to stay afloat with the utilities and a newborn. Please help me.
2023052307Spire$819.51I need help with my utilities. I am a single-parent household and I am trying my best to keep up with rent, car note, insurance, and other utilities. This is my first time seeking out any agency I did let my spire account get behind trying to keep up with everything else. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.
Am. Water
Republic Services
$2,407.34Ameren $83.22; Spire $2,183.19; American Water $69.83; Republic Services $71.10
I lost my job and outstanding bills are from someone using my identity. It’s hard out here and I’m not afraid to say I need help.
2023040605Ameren$1,012.71I need help! My electricity has been shut off. I need $682 to get it turned back on. I haven’t been able to find a job since December 2022. I continue to be denied a job til this day. I would appreciate any help at this time.

My sewer bill wasn’t being sent for a long while and ended up going to court and I’ve been trying to pay but lost my job and my parents. I’m really scared because I’ve never been in this situation.
I know my sewer bill is actually higher than two thousand dollars, but any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
2023020703Spire$807.06I was a severe drug addict. Homeless. Tried suicide but I’m still here. Got Help and got a place (Thank you God..) still hard to get good work. Need heat…really bad. Will lose my place.
I am currently living on section 8 with no job at this time. I am looking for help to lower my bills, so I will not get disconnected. I am currently in disconnection status with Spire.
I need assistance because I had an emergency move. I paid as much as I could on the bill but I needed an emergency place to stay for me and my disabled son. I need help with the balance that is owed on my bill. We would appreciate it if we can get assistance on this balance. Thank you for your time.
2022121422Ameren$152.15I have a rental increase and illness preventing me to work.
2022121221Ameren$165.44I am currently on disability and my electric bill is about to be disconnected on Dec 21. I also have medical issues which is why I am not able to work. I really need someone to help me with my electric.
2022121020American Water$287.08There is a reduction in work and I am only working 27 hours. I need help as I am not on any government assistance.
2022112119Spire$275.01My hours at work have decreased, which has caused me to fall behind on my gas bill. I will appreciate any help you can give.
2022111718Ameren$899.27I live on a voucher and there was a big miscommunication and my bill wasn’t paid for several months. I have a 1-year-old just trying to get any help I can.
2022101817Ameren$149.28Donation – Ameren $75.00
I have a disconnect but I only need $60 because I have the $90. I am hoping someone will help me with the rest.
$1,481.46Donation – Spire $30.13
MSD $459.51; City Water/Trash $901.76; Spire $120.19
I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I had retired but had to start working again due to everything going up. I was working helping seniors and had to let the job go due to my health. I started getting payday loans to help pay off the debt, but now that I am not able to work. Most of my money is going towards pay off the payday loan. Please help me. I don’t want to lose my house.
2022100615Ameren$315.86I do home healthcare. I had 2 clients but one has been in rehab for two months due to surgery for diabetes; so, I only have one income. After rent has been paid I do not have enough to pay my electric, gas, trash, and water bill.
2022100314Spire$668.65I am currently unemployed and I am in need of help with my gas bill. It has been disconnected and it is about to get really cold. I am looking for job but is having a hard time finding one. Please help.
2022090713MSD Water/Trash
$1,647.26MSD $427.48; City Water/Trash $951.76; Spire $268.02
I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I had retired but had to start working again due to everything going up. I was working helping seniors and had to let the job go due to my health. I started getting payday loans to help pay off the debt, but now that I am not able to work. Most of my money is going towards pay off the payday loan. Please help me. I don’t want to lose my house.
Republic Services
American Water
$562.01Ameren $328.73; Republic Services $136.92; American Water $96.36
I help need I recently lost my job due to Covid and my son hand getting burnt . Im a single mother with 3 kids
American Water
$1,211.20Ameren $868.44; MSD $191.90; American Water $150.86
My car just broke down a little over a month ago and I work as a delivery driver so I had to rent cars for 3 weeks and work lots of overtime to even make any extra money to save for a downpayment, but I finally got a newer car 5 days ago and they didn’t tell me that I would have to pay the taxes on it separately because I bought it out of state and thought that it would all be folded into the loan. So now I have to come up with almost $3000 to take care of the registration. I’m a single mom with 4 kinds so I can’t get my head above. Now due to poor insulation and poor ventilation in my attic and a 25-year-old furnace, my electric bill has been over $400 a month. Now it’s time for back-to-school stuff for three of my children (my fourth is a 9mo old baby) and I really could use some extra help with a few bills listed below.
Am. Water
$515.54Ameren $247.27; Spire $13.38; MSD $194.48; American Water $60.41
I work full-time and I raise my 18 month old twin daughters and my 16-year-old son by myself for the most part. My gas has been shut off two months now because I have not been able to pay the bill and this has made life quite difficult for myself and my family. I work hard and pay taxes. A huge burden will be lifted off my shoulders if someone can help me.
$1,432.39MSD $395.20; Spire $182.55; City Water/Trash $854.64****Updated – August’s Balance
I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I had retired but had to start working again due to everything going up. I was working helping seniors and had to let the job go due to my health. I started getting payday loans to help pay off the debt, but now that I am not Abel to work most of my money is going towards pay off the payday loan. Please help me. I don’t want to loose my house.
2022061308Ameren$170.58Donation Ameren MO $25
I had breast cancer and had to take off work for 2 weeks. I did not receive income during this time. I took another position with a cut in pay and have been struggling with my bills. I have a series of medical bills to pay along with medicine that I need to take daily. Please help.
2022061307Spire$653.03Donation Spire $25
My last winter gas bill unfortunately helped me discover that my home doesn’t hold heat well. My energy bill came out to be $500, with NO pass due amount. I was taken aback and panicked because I had no way of paying off that much money with other bills. I already have to pay $200 a month for loans, $180 a month for two medical bills, and other basic necessities. I have already consolidated as many as expenses as I can, and I have asked for reduced rates on my other home services so I can make my money stretch. I can only pay $80 a month and my gas has been cut off. I’m going on the 4th day now. Spire will only take the amount owed. I am asking someone please assist this one time! I never thought I would ever be in this position.
2022060706American Water$2,828.34Donation: $25
My children and I have been suffering so much it seems it will never end. In December we finally got this bill down but due to leaking and plumbing issues it has gone up extremely. My children and I have medical issues Asthma, diabetes and a lot of other things to where we can’t afford for anything being disconnected. With no income coming in it’s hard to even apply to jobs. I have no way or decent interview clothing. It is all so hard and depressing. We continue to pray for better days and opportunities, so I can obtain a career. But things seem worse with no chances of being better. I just feel so helpless and don’t know what to do. Please help. Thank you all for everything.
City Water/Trash
City Real Estate Taxes
$5,874.32MSD $2641.21; City Water/Trash $1069.82; City Real Estate Taxes $263.29
My dad and aunt died, I have no family left that can help me. My dad took care of me since i had a tramatic brain injury in a serious car accident, and ive been deppressed and lost without him ever since. Then covid hit and ive run out of options and im on the verge of loosing my house. Idk what to do, idk what ill do if i become homeless. Im willing to work or do something im able to do im just in over my head and need some help.
2022040403American Water
American Water $1944.86; Ameren $275.95
I have been searching for work along with still fighting for my job back and was hoping I would at least have taxes to help get bills back down but they were offset leaving me and my 6 children with no help or income coming in. My oldest child senior year and no money for prom and graduation due to anything I get has to go towards everyday and house stuff. And things keep going bad from water issues and health problems with me and the children. It just seems like a never ending cycle. Car, food, bills, and school I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying my best and nothing seems to be going right. I’m in school to help further my education and maybe I will have a better chance of getting hired and have a stable income to provide for my family. I hate asking for help and wish I did not put my family through this. This is causing depression and stress. And it is affecting my children. I wish I could make all that go away and not have to ask for help on everyday things and bills. Thank you all for help and prayers.
2022030502American Water$224.69Donation $168.47
Got put on bed rest last year during my pregnancy due to high risk for uterine rupture so I had to quit my job. My baby is only four months old and I’m just really far behind from not being able to work for so many months. I’m a single mom with 4 kids. I appreciate any help. Thank you in advance 
2022012001American Water
Waste Connection
$725.82Donation – Water $100
American Water $618.97; Waste Connection $106.85
Hello & Happy New year to all. I hoped coming into the New Year things would have gotten better. But once again, my family has been affected by Covid which has stopped me from starting another job. And again causing issues with bills/School/graduation/prom and everyday expenses. It’s extremely hard for me to provide for my 6 children without any income other than my oldest baby helping and contributing when she should be working and enjoying her senior year. But, instead she is doing more for us than I can. I thank her job for allowing her so much time off due to multiply quarantine. All of this is causing so much stress and depression for everyone especially her. The bills steady piling up and things in the home falling apart. Struggling with being bullied at school due to no money to wash clothes/uniforms or afford coats hats/ gloves . We can not do work at school or home due to broken laptops. We do not have any money to pay for internet, to pay the school or buy laptops. Instead of the kids having a childhood they are trying to help figure out how to keep lights and water/food Utilities on. I’m so depressed most days not even wanting to leave room and face them. I have enrolled in a Hiset/GED class. I hope to pass so that I can receive my Hiset/Ged and obtain a career. Then I am able to get out of this slump and provide for my children and family. I do not want them to suffer and worry about anything but being a kid/young adult. I want them to enjoy life without depression, being bullied, or thinking suicide is the only way out. I continue to pray that someone will hire me and things get better. Then I can work and take care of my family and not have to look for help. And one day be able to help others like my family. Thank you all for the prayers and any donations.
$314.87Donation $60.97
Spire $60.97; City Water/Trash $253.90
I fell behind when my husband went back in the hospital 4xs within this year after having COVID and multiple seizures. My now focus is on getting him the help he needs, but because he’s my spouse I’m unable to receive pay for him, so I am working with very little income after I lost my job back in 2018 when he was in and out of the hospital. Thank You!
MO American Water
$202.06Donation $97.44
Ameren MO $97.44; MO American Water $154.62
I am a single father of 10 yr twins(girl n boy)and I recently broke my shin in three places on my leg and I’m unable to work and since it didn’t happen on the job, receiving compensation was not an option. Since I am unable to drive or come out, utility assist came highly recommended for me to receive help until I’m able to return back to work. Thank You in Advanced
20211202014MO America Water$70.00Donation $70.00
I need help paying my water bill or it will be turned off. I have 6 kids and they do not deserve all this hardship that we have been receiving. Any amount will help. God Bless!
20211105013Spire$233.02Donation $25
My hours has been cut and now I am falling behind with paying my bills. Please help!
Waste Connection
American Water
$1,562.45Donation: Ameren $25; Spire $25; Waste Connection $25; American Water $25
Ameren MO $214.53; Spire $2760,05; Waste Connection $90.24; American Water $981.63
Between fighting depression and ongoing health issues and the stress of still fighting for my job back while trying to take care my family battling Covid with us all finding out the day before I was to start my new job so now things are getting worse and with no money or help and now 2 jobs gone we are in threat of being disconnected and evicted. I’m trying my best for my 6 children but things just keep getting worse and I hate how my children have to suffer because they don’t deserve this, but it’s like the harder I try nothing goes good. I am hoping to get hired somewhere soon. I will continue job hunting and fighting for my job. Thank you all for any help that you can offer as I know we are not the only family or person suffering or in need. So, I pray for blessings for all.
I am experiencing a financial hardship at this time. My husband and I are divorcing and the utility bills we had together have been transferred to my account. Without any assistance from my husband to pay towards the balance, I am unable to make the payments alone. I have reached out for legal assistance but I am seeking assistance to prevent disconnection at this time. I am grateful for any assistance.
20211014010Ameren$974.45Donation $25
I am in need of assistance with rental and or electric I help take care of my mom who has aggressive cancer and it’s a struggle doing all the things by myself. I have one income and it doesn’t help enough. I greatly appreciate if I can get help with my rental or utility because it’s a struggle doing all this alone. I appreciate if someone can donate or help my family
20211013009Spire$772.21Donation $25
I have no income due to COVID19. I have 3 small school age children. We can’t eat any meals and really in need of help. We have no hot water or any one to help us to shower daily. I truly appreciate any amount of help for my family. Signed a mother in desperate need~
20210902008St. Louis County Real Estate Taxes
$1,983.09St. Louis County Real Estate Taxes $1,983.09
I am on a fixed income and I wasn’t aware of these outstanding bills. I cant afford to pay them and no matter how much I pay it doesn’t seem like the balances are getting any lower.
St. Louis County Waste Management
$382.82Spire: $63.71; Ameren $181.41; St. Louis County Waste Mgmt $83.70
I have been off work due to contracting the virus and got behind on my bills along with other health issues
MO Water
$1,654.01Donation: Ameren $50.00; MO Water 50.00
Ameren $745.82; MO Water $908.19
I have been fighting to get my job back from United States Postal Service for almost a year now. I have 6 children that are school age and no income. I have been job hunting while waiting but it’s hard during Covid. I just got hired and the day I was to start the whole family tested positive for COVID. Now we can’t get fresh air or relief due to the heat that is getting to the kids, which all have asthma.
20210826007Ameren$672.98Donation: Ameren $100
Ameren $672.98
I’m still not working and taking care of three adults. I’m making the funds work that I have coming in but I didn’t have enough or the amount to give AmerenUE to keep up with budget billing and it caused the account to go into default, now they’re asking for the entire balance.
Donation: Ameren $161.07; Spire $33
Ameren $161.07; Spire $402.89
I am self-employed working part-time. I am being evicted because of new owner and locks were changed. The owner has taken me to court.
$1,295.52Donation: Ameren $50; Spire $50
Ameren $825.73; Spire $469.79
It’s been very hard getting my bills paid due to the pandemic. Me working with children has been very scarce hours.
$1,128.64Donation: Ameren $50; MSD $50
Donation: Ameren $100; Spire $100; MSD $100
Ameren $204.07; Spire $345.30; MSD $579.27
My husband had a stroke in 2016 and was going in and out of the hospital. Last time he went to the hospital was 12/26/20 but, In May of 2018 when he went back in, my job of 15 yrs called me while on FMLA and said don’t come back. At this time, I wasn’t aware you only get unemployment benefits for 13-14 weeks. I’ve been trying catch up every since but the funds are just not there. There’s the mortgage, car note, gas, insurance and groceries…I NEED HELP!!
20210429002Ameren Spire$383.75Ameren $194.26, Spire $189.49.
I am unemployed with children out of school which limits me from working and keeping me from keeping up with my utilities unfortunately. I have little children so I am trying my best to keep everything in tact for them.
Ameren Spire Water/Trash Sewer$2440.19Ameren $274.50; Spire $358.66; Water & Trash $1480.40; Sewer $326.63. I became unemployed when my spouse had a stroke. Now I am a full time caregiver. Unemployment benefits only lasted 12 weeks.
2020-0206-001Ameren Spire


Ameren – $603.75 Spire – $348.11.
I became husband’s primary caregiver, losing my income after 14yrs of service at my company. Recently, his disability decrease, my food stamps were taken away and so was his Medicaid because I couldn’t afford his spend down. And because he’s my spouse I’m not able to receive income for him.
2020-0214-002Ameren93.66I work hard to stay current sometimes I fall behind.

2020-0214-003Ameren255.95I’m currently catching up on my rent and trying to get my car registered.
2020-0215-004Ameren1102.90 Been out of work since October just now getting back to work and I am in threat of disconnect   
2020-0227-005Ameren283.90Medical bills and health issues have caused me to become delinquent. My home is all-electric for the source of heating and I recently had to do major furnace repairs.
2020-0227-006Spire 133.49I was laid off from my job in the summer of last year. I recently found a temp job but my bills are still behind and I need a little assistance. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 
2020-0303-007Spire1,412.54I’m a seasonal employee and I’ve recently been laid off. My unemployment benefits can’t cover all of my living expenses at this time.
866.60 Ameren -$261.93; Spire $243.58; American Water – 361.09
I lost my job and broke my hand. Please help.
Ameren – $388.39; Spire – 270.47
I have to buy medication that is extremely high and don’t have enough left out of my Social Security check to pay all utilities.
2020-0312-010American Water
Gateway Disposal
206.97American Water $97.80; MSD $62.67; Gateway Disposal $46.50
I have been unemployed since 08/01/2019 and at this time do not have any income. I have finally secured a job but will not start until 03/16/2020 or 03/18/2020. The water bill is due now with a final notice with a disconnect date of 03/15/2020, the trash bill is due by 03/31/2020 and the MSD is two months behind. 
Thanks for your help in advance.
645.50 I have been missing a lot of work due to my child being sick. She has really bad asthma and allergies. She has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and had surgery hoping that could help. Also having Court dates for paying medical bills for her has had me miss days as well.
285.04Ameren $111.59; Spire $173.45
I am in need of help because I am a single mother of 3, with one of my children being special needs. I am unable to keep a full time job at the moment because she only attend school for 3 hours a day and I do not have any help with anyone keeping her while I work. I’ve been able to maintain bills for the most part but the last few months have been hard.
2020-0326-013Ameren62.74I have a lot of car problems that need to be fixed soon. My hours have been cut on my job. 2-2
2020-0506-014Ameren220.70I lost my job due to the covid 19 and i have 3 kids and no income right now
2020-0916-015Ameren225.51 I am a 64 year old, Disabled Senior Citizen healing from cancer. Recently, on August 29, 2020 I was stopped at a stop light going East on West Florissant and Sunbury when a car came out of no where and hit me in the back of my car and ran. I called the police and made a police report. I am very sore from the accident, my neck, my back, my left left leg and I am having headaches. I need some help with my Electric Bill. When Ameren UE put you on the budget it is too high for me to pay. Can you please help me? Thank you very much in advance.
2020-1102-016Spire1550.79I am unemployed due to COVID and a victim of domestic abuse.